Keep your ECO church safe with abuse prevention training and background checks.

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Yes, Compass Abuse Prevention Services is the recommended abuse prevention training provider for ECO churches.

Online training starts as low as $10/person. This includes robust tracking and reporting features.

Prices for training courses and packages are listed at a per person cost. For example, if your church wants multiple employees and volunteers to complete the Introduction to Child Abuse Prevention course, you can select the number of people the church wants to train and pay $10 per person. So, if your church has five people to train, the cost will be $50.

Yes, you can purchase as many courses and background checks as you need and assign them to your employees and volunteers.

Yes, there are discounts for bulk purchases, they are calculated automatically at checkout:

25 Courses – 25% OFF
50 Courses – 50% OFF
100 Courses – 55% OFF
200 Courses – 60% OFF
400 Courses – 65% OFF
500 Courses – 70% OFF

All Compass training courses for adults are 100% online.

When training children and teens, Compass provides an online curriculum for a teacher, social worker, or pastor from your church to facilitate in-person age-appropriate programming. 

Click here to set up your church admin account. After your church account is set up, you will receive a welcome email with your credentials and next steps.

Your church’s administrator purchases training and background checks by signing up for your church’s admin account.

Once your church is signed-up, church admins can purchase and assign training and background checks to employees and volunteers.

No, you must create a personal account with a different email address to complete your own training.

On your admin dashboard, click Manage Trainees > New User. Once you add a new user, you can assign training and background checks. You will see this in the Services section of their profile before you save it.

New employees and volunteers will automatically receive a welcome email with their login credentials.

Each employee and volunteer will have their own username and password but only the church administrator will have administrative access to purchase training, assign courses, and track progress.

Yes,  robust tracking and reporting features are included.

Your church administrator will receive tracking reports to monitor compliance. They will be notified if there are any red flags that result from background screening.

All ECO churches have access to fantastic Compass tech support! Trainees can reach the tech support team via phone, email, or live chat. 

In addition to training courses for adults, Compass includes training courses for teen volunteers and children, empowering them to identify and stop abuse. You’ll get all training materials needed for a teacher, social worker, or pastor from your church to present courses for children at every grade level.

At Compass, we know child predators come from all walks of life. That’s why Compass training courses cover all forms of child trafficking, grooming, and abuse.

Yes, Compass has senior and disabled adult abuse prevention training to help protect vulnerable populations. 

Yes, Compass abuse prevention training will be available soon in Spanish.

It is important to background screen and train every person in your ECO church who interacts with children. Without full compliance, your church is left vulnerable to serious financial harm if any allegation is made. Implementing child protection compliance avoids any unnecessary risks. 

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