Keep Your Church Safe

with online abuse prevention training and background checks

Are you doing everything you can to protect children? 

Is your church at risk?

Meet Compass, the official safety training provider for ECO churches.

How We Help

Values-based Safety Training

Elevate your safety program with Christian-based training.

Budget Friendly

At only $10/course, Compass fits every church's budget.

Integrated Background Screening

All the info you need, in one location. One stop-compliance.

Robust Risk Management

Manage your church's compliance with advanced tracking and reporting.

Begin with Basics

Beginner Abuse Prevention
  • 1 Training Course for Everyone
  • Training Includes Abuse Prevention
  • Add Background Checks
  • Tracking and Reporting

Protect with Purpose

Comprehensive Abuse Prevention
$19 - $49/training
  • Employee & Volunteer Training
  • Supervisor Training
  • Board & Executive Training
  • Training Includes Abuse & Trafficking Prevention, Workplace Harassment, Ethics, and More
  • Add Background Checks
  • Tracking and Reporting


(updated August 23, 2023)
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