Features & Benefits.

Tracking and Reporting

An effective safety program can’t be managed by office managers with notebooks and spreadsheets. 

Meet Compass…

Compliance reports in seconds.

The summer intern is back in college and you don’t have anyone to manage spreadsheets…what do you do?

Compass tracks training participation and background checks every step of the way and delivers comprehensive reports to your training administrator, available 24/7. Get all the info you need, no data entry required.

Consistency that gets rid of red tape.

Your church is organizing a field trip and you’re all packed and ready to go. But…which volunteers have up-to-date background checks?

Compass integrates background screening, training and collects data, such as training positions. All the information you need, all in one location.

Pricing for Every Budget


You want to keep kids safe but your church doesn’t have the budget…what are your options?

With Compass, every church can access affordable training and background checks (starting for as little as $10/course!).


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