Child Abuse Prevention

Every child has fundamental rights. On your watch, don’t kids deserve safety, compassion, and opportunity?

The Compass Child Abuse Prevention Platform streamlines data collection, reporting, integrations, and overall management of your organization’s safe environment compliance program. 



Whether you run a public, charter or private school, you are in charge of keeping children safe. Safe to learn, safe to make friends, and safe to grow into adulthood. What do we do when a child predator threatens the safety of schools? 

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Youth Sports

Sports leagues understand the importance of safety. That’s why you ban certain bats, require parental consent, and don’t allow injured kids to play without consulting a doctor. But what about the hidden dangers? What about child abuse?

Explore Child Abuse Prevention for Youth Sports and Youth Groups



When you run a camp, every familiar face the campers see is considered “endorsed” by your camp. Let’s work together and make sure everyone is properly background screened and trained, no matter if they are the head counselor or the kitchen staff.

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Government Agencies

 Child predators are experts at conning themselves into roles where they have easy access to children. If your government agency interacts with children in any way, it is critical to make sure that you’re using best practices for training both your employees and volunteers.

Explore Child Abuse Prevention for Government Agencies



Churches are at the heart of every Christian community and children play a central role. Let’s work together and make sure that everyone working or volunteering at your church, from the administrative staff to the volunteers, is trained and background screened. 

Tap into Safe Environment Best Practices for Churches.



Jewish communities revolve around the synagogue and children play a central role. Let’s work together and make sure that everyone working or volunteering at the synagogue, from the rabbi  and staff to the volunteers, is trained and background screened.

Learn More about Keeping Kids Safe  in Synagogues


Higher Education

Minors often use higher education campuses for sports camps, high school tours, and college classes. Children need to be protected from hidden predators on campus by background screening and training all employees and volunteers.

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As a non-profit, you play a vital role in your community. Don’t allow the dark underworld of sexual predators unravel your mission and values. 

Explore Child Abuse Prevention for Non-profits


Training for Yourself

Compass Child Protection offers online training courses where anyone can learn how to recognize and prevent child abuse and human trafficking.

With secular and faith-based options, Compass Child Protection has online training courses for virtually any situation.

Explore Child Abuse Prevention Training for Yourself


Large Organizations

Large organizations (>100 employees and volunteers) can explore the full Compass Child Protection Platform, complete with integrated background screening, robust reporting, and a customized curriculum for child abuse prevention best practices. Achieve compliance for your diocese, synagogue, school, camp, university, non-profit or any organization!

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